Thursday, July 14, 2011

While we're away (Thursday July 14th)

The EE Daily News is taking a summer break. While we're away, please enjoy a little vacation humor from Dilbert, and check out one of our Top 10 articles from the last month.

The EE Daily News Top 10 List
  1. The Mali GPU, and ARM's 5-year strategy to dominate visual computing 
  2. Apache and AWR acquisitions offer growth to the EDA industry 
  3. #48DAC: Jim Hogan and Paul McLellan present a mini-MBA on EDA startups 
  4. The Woz at #48DAC (part 1) - on becoming an engineer. 
  5. #48DAC reports: Jasper collaborates with ARM to verify ACE multicore SoCs 
  6. Show me the money - the valuation of Apache Design Solutions 
  7. Mindspeed: 5G networks will be enabled by software-defined cognitive radios 
  8. Will 4G wireless networks move basestations to the cloud? 
  9. Texas Instruments adds basestation SoCs for small cells
  10. EDA Standards Groups Accellera and Open SystemC Initiative will merge

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