Thursday, June 16, 2011

#48DAC: Jim Hogan and Paul McLellan present a mini-MBA on EDA startups

Jim Hogan and Paul McLellan are two of the most experienced individuals in the EDA (electronic design automation) industry. In a tutorial at the 2011 Design Automation Conference in San Diego, they shared their knowledge of what it takes to build a successful EDA startup, and also the most common causes of failure. This highly informative session, titled "Show Me The Money" was the equivalent of a mini-MBA course that should be required viewing for anyone considering starting a company in the challenging EDA space.

Thanks to Ed Lee of Lee PR for providing the slides. EE Daily News has added the audio of Jim and Paul's session, for those that missed the session at DAC or anyone who could benefit from a refresher course. You can hear Jim describe the stages of development steps that concluded in Cadence's acquisition of Altos, and how it produced 10 millionaires, and get Paul's recommendations on what areas are most attractive for new EDA ventures.

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