Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Intel announces OakTrail based Studybook tablet for education market

The Intel Studybook is built in a shock-resistant plastic case, with I/O port
covers to protect against liquids and dust, and support for front and rear cameras.

Intel Corporation has introduced a new Atom Z650-based (Oak Trail) tablet computer, the Studybook, as an addition to the company's Learning Series family of products. The Studybook tablet is a ruggedized design intended for classroom use by young children. Intel says that the Studybook can withstand accidental drops from a standard student desk and is also water- and dust- resistant, built from a single piece of plastic with shock-absorbers around the screen. Pricing will be set by Intel's OEMs and ODMs, but Intel says that they anticipate Studybooks to be offered in the $199-$299 US price range.

Intel will provide specialized educational software for the Studybooks, including classroom management, LabCam applications that support scientific enquiry, and an optimized e-reader. Intel also includes software to facilitate teacher-student collaboration in the classroom.

The Studybook prototype system configuration includes optional front (0.3Mpx) and rear (2.0Mpx) cameras, a microphone, and a 7-inch, 1024x600 capacitive multi-touch LCD screen. The Studybook application processor is the 1.2GHz version (Z650 vs. 1.5GHz - Z670) of the older generation 45nm Atom Oak Trail, the predecessor to the 32nm Medfield processor which Intel is deploying in their recently announced smartphones. Operating system support includes Microsoft Windows 7, and Android.  Standard connectivity is 802.11b/g/n WiFi, with optional 3G and Bluetooth support.

Intel expects partners to announce availability in the next few weeks.

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