Monday, August 22, 2011

Touchstone Semiconductor offers free evaluation boards

Touchstone Semiconductor has announced that evaluation boards for the company's TS1001 operational amplifier and TS9001-1/TS9001-2 voltage monitor ICs - are available to potential customers at no charge until September 30.

Engineers can register for their free demo boards by providing a valid corporate email on the Touchstone website:

TS1001 Low-Power Op Amp Demo Board
The TS1001 demo board provides both non-inverting and inverting configurations. Touchstone claims that the TS1001 single-supply op amp reduces power requirements by at least half compared to any other available amplifier. The TS1001 is specified to operate on a 0.8V supply while consuming less than 0.6µA supply current.

TS9001 Low-Power Voltage Monitor Demo Board
The TS9001 demo board contains the push-pull TS9001-1 and the open-drain TS9001-2. Touchstone has configured each circuit as a simple threshold detector with additional hysteresis. The TS9001-1 and the TS9001-2 voltage monitor ICs incorporate a +1.252V reference with a 1% initial accuracy. The TS9001-1 offers a push-pull output stage with increased output current drive while the TS9001-2 offers an open-drain output stage that can be used in mixed-voltage systems design. Both TS9001s are specified to operate from +1.6V to 5.5V supplies while consuming less than 0.65µA supply current.

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