Thursday, June 23, 2011

Touchstone Semiconductor develops enhanced 2nd source for Maxim comparators

Touchstone Semiconductor is a new entrant in the analog IC (integrated circuit) market, founded in 2010 by former executives of Maxim Integrated Products, including CEO Brett Fox and VP of Engineering Dr. Jeroen Fonderie. The company introduced their first product in March, the TS1001 - a single-supply, rail-to-rail operational amplifier that you can operate on a 0.8V supply while consuming just 0.6µA of supply current.

Touchstone has now added to their offerings with the TS9001-1 and TS9001-2, single-supply, low power analog comparator ICs with built-in voltage references. The new devices are described by the company as electrical specification improvements over the Maxim MAX9117 and the MAX9118, respectively.  Touchstone has designed both TS9001s with integrated +1.252V references that the company specifies for an initial accuracy of 1%. 

The TS9001-1 provides a push-pull output stage, while the TS9001-2 offers an open-drain output stage that you can use in mixed-voltage systems design. Touchstone specifies both TS9001s for operation with voltage supplies from +1.6V to 5.5V, with consumption of less than 0.65μA supply current.

Touchstone specifies the TS9001-1 and the TS9001-2 for use over the -40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range, and packages the ICs in 5-pin SC70 packages. Prices start at $0.95 each for the
TS9001 in 1000-piece quantities. Products are available from Future Electronics,

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