Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steve Jobs has resigned as Apple CEO

Breaking news:
Tim Cook Named CEO and Jobs Elected Chairman of the Board
Just last week, the San Jose  Mercury News reported that "Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' biography coming sooner than expected". The story was updated just yesterday (August 23) to say that the original story omitted the release date for Steve Jobs' biography. "It is scheduled for publication Nov. 21, instead of the original date of March 2012."
Apple on Thursday declined to comment and referred questions to Simon & Schuster. The publisher said simply that "the book was finished and deemed ready to publish." Ditto the author, best-selling biographer Walter Isaacson, who downplayed any suggestion that the moved-up date was connected in any way to Jobs' health or his battle with pancreatic cancer.
"It's actually not related to any decline," Isaacson wrote in an email to Fortune magazine this week. "I turned most of the book in this past June. It's now all done and edited. The March 2012 date (or whatever date it was) was never a deeply considered pub date. Like the original cover design, it came about because the publisher wanted to put something in the database last spring."
No doubt millions worldwide are now questioning the state of Steve Jobs' health once again.  Hopefully, he simply decided to walk away at the top. However, the official letter published on the Apple web site calls that into question, with Jobs saying he can "no longer meet my duties.

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