Friday, August 26, 2011

Nanometer Circuit Verification Forum to follow CICC

Berkeley Design Automation and its EDA partners will hold a nanometer Circuit Verification Forum in Santa Clara on September 22.

On September 22, immediately following the conclusion of the IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, BDA (Berkeley Design Automation) will be hosting a "nanometer Circuit Verification Forum" at the TechMart  in Santa Clara, CA. In past years, the day after CICC had been reserved for the BMAS (Behavioral Modeling and Simulation) Conference, which ceased operation after the 2010 event.

Organizers of the nanometer Circuit Verification Forum:
  1. Berkeley Design Automation - provider of analog FastSPICE.
  2. Accelicon - provider of tools and services for device modeling, including MQA (Model Quality Assurance) and SPICE model generation software - MBP.
  3. Ciranova -  maker of analog layout automation tools operating with the Open Access database, including Helix and PyCell Studio.
  4. MunEDA - developer of the Wicked circuit optimization tool.
  5. Invarian - suppler of the InVar tools for temperature-aware layout analysis.
  6. Solido - provider of tools for circuit variation analysis.
The agenda will include presentations and demonstrations for designers of applications such as data converters, PLLs, high-speed I/O, and image sensors. Registration is free at the website.

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