Friday, December 31, 2010

The Top 10 of 2010

I couldn't properly let the last day of "Oh-10" go by without my own Top 10 list. Herein then are the most popular posts of the last year from The World is Analog. These are only posts that were new in 2010, since there are also some older "long tail" articles that continue to place in the overall top 10. This list is based on measurement of page views from Google Analytics, with the caveat that a technical problem caused loss of data from my feed from the beginning of the yearThese lists inevitably favor older articles, but I think that it's still interesting to see what generated the most interest.

  1. Android vs. MeeGo: two approaches to competitively leveraging "open source"
  2. Google's Chrome Strategy: Browser + OS + HTML5 = Apps in the Cloud.
  3. Flip that tablet - Dell Inspiron Duo debuts at #IDF10
  4. My Interview with Fortune Magazine: Building Your Personal Brand
  5. Three "Special Events" in Silicon Valley this week... and not an Apple in the bunch.
  6. 4G Applications: notes from the WiMAX Developer's Symposium at Stanford (part 2)
  7. Here's why AT&T iPhone-4 customers don't just return it.
  8. Mobile Monday, "So Many App Stores…Now what?"
  9. A Variety of Location-Based Apps from WCA's "Locationpolooza"
  10. My presentation on Smart TVs and Tablets from IDF-2010
I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2011!


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