Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flip that tablet - Dell Inspiron Duo debuts at #IDF10

There was no shortage of gadgets on stage during this morning's keynotes at the Intel Developer orum in San Francisco. We saw a succession of "Smart TV" platforms: Amino showed their box based on MeeGo (subliminally messaged with Green Days' "Know Your Enemy"), followed by a video of Google-TV and Logitech, a mention of the D-Link Boxee Box, and finally Microsoft came on stage to talk about Asus and Acer Windows 7 Media Center-based devices that will be available in 2011

However, the one device that seemed to generate actual oohs and ahhs from the crowd (as well as a mad rush of press and analysts on stage after) was the "dual-personality" Windows-7 based tablet from Dell, that is based on a dual-core Atom processor. Connectivity options will include WiMAX.

After demonstrating the tablet under intense stage lighting that made most of the screen displays nearly invisible, the show ended with dramatic flair when it was revealed that the tablet flips in its frame to convert to a netbook. This seems to be an ideal form factor to me, better than other pivoting netbooks with touch screens that I have seen.

This (unedited) video gives you a peek at the Dell Inspiron Duo that  is scheduled to ship later this year. (Email subscribers need to go to my site at www.the-world-is-analog.blogspot.com)


Marketing EDA said...


Cool tablet from Dell. I'd love to see the LCD glossy display replaced with a matte display, because I don't like seeing reflections while I work or play.

Jason said...

Put at least one USB port on that thing and I'm a buyer!