Monday, September 27, 2010

Smart TVs and other CE innovations from Intel's Developer Forum

My posts from the 2010 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) highlighted just a few of the consumer electronics (CE) innovations that were on display at Moscone-West. Intel has continued to develop the Atom processor for CE, and considerable time and space at IDF was devoted to a large range of current and forthcoming devices that are based on this platform.

The industry has yet to launch a strong competitor to the iPad, but several different Atom-based tablet computers were shown at IDF; from the Dell Inspiron Duo running Windows-7, to the WeTab that is the first to use Intel-Nokia's MeeGo operating system, and Cisco's Cius Android-based tablet for the enterprise.

"Smart TV"s had their own pavilion, and LeVar Burton (Star Trek's Geordi LaForge) was even on hand to draw attention at a special event for the press and analysts.  There were demos of the Boxee Box, prototypes from Acer and Asus, and of course... Google-TV.

With the anticipated Sept-29 release of Google-TV on Logitech's Revue set-top box, which was shown during Intel CEO Paul Otellini's keynote, the Sept-28 IEEE Santa Clara Valley Consumer Electronics Society meeting presents a perfect time to review some of these announcements.  

If you're in or nearby Silicon Valley tomorrow, come on out to see some of the IDF demos I captured on video, and to join the discussion on tablets PCs and the integration (or is it a collision?) of the web and broadcast video in "Smart TVs".

September 28 Meeting Notice
Smart TVs" and other CE innovations from the Intel Developer Forum
Mike Demler, Tom Coughlin
Venue NVIDIA - 2800 Scott Blvd, Building E
Date and Time: September 28, 2010
6:30 - 7:00 Pizza + Drinks, Networking
7:00 - 8:30 Talk and Questions
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