Monday, March 22, 2010

A few photos from the pre #CTIA Wireless event: Showstoppers

Bluestreak is a company that provides a platform for encoding video for mobile Flash applications. They were showing off how well Flash works on this Android smartphone. They also had an example of the HTC FLO-TV device, but with no FLO signal at the Showstoppers event, there was no point in taking a picture (or showing it for that matter).

This isn't the first appearance for this Kempler & Strauss wristwatch cell phone, but if you're an old (make that longtime) Dick Tracy fan like me.. it's kinda cool. It operates from a touch screen, or with remote control functions on the Bluetooth earpiece.

IGUGU TV is a box that lets you stream video from your PC, or the internet, to your TV over an 802.11n WiFI connection. The remote control in the foreground provides on screen navigation of the menus. For internet video they were using a Sprint 4G WiMAX hotspot to download video to the set-top box.

Perhaps not as photogenic, but I also had good discussions at ShowStoppers with these companies:
  • DeviceAnywhere: enables developers to remotely test their smartphone (or feature phone) apps on physical devices. For more on DeviceAnywhere see my report "The Android Invasion".
  • picoChip is building chipsets for the growing Femtocell market.
  • Aviat (formerly Harris Stratex) Networks provides microwave backhaul solutions for some of the world's largest deployments of WiMAX.

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