Friday, January 6, 2012

EE Daily News at the International Consumer Electronics Show

The International Consumer Electronics Show, or simply CES, officially opens on Tuesday (January 10th) in Las Vegas. For media and analysts, events kickoff on Sunday afternoon with the "CES Unveiled" Preview. The EE Daily News will be there for exhausting day of the show. With an attendance on the order of 100,000.. this isn't a show like and other trade show, it's a crazy frenzied mob scene from start to finish. This is not the kind of event where you can just walk in and roam the show floor aimlessly. There are too many of them! Oh, and don't ask where Apple is.. they're not!

We have sifted through ~500 email invitations from exhibitors and their PR agents, from the meaningful to the ridiculous, selecting those that we think are most interesting for 1-on-1 briefings. We will also be attending the flurry of press events on Monday, selected keynote addresses, and several of the.. ummm evening events.

Here are some of the companies and events on our list:
Sunday: CES Unveiled (~75 CE companies)

Monday - Press Day
  • LG Electronics Press Event. LG will showcase a new line of TVs powered by Google TV 2.0, running on their own L9 chipset.
  • Intel Press Event - Intel, along with LG, is expected to show the first smartphone based on their Medfield processor.
  • Nokia Press Event - expect to see new smartphones from their collaboration with Microsoft.
  • NVIDIA Press Event - Probably ot what you would expect, NVIDIA is promoting how they are "Changing the Driving Experience", with automotive partners that include: Audi, Volkswagen, Maserati, Aston Martin, BMW, Tesla Motors and Lamborghini. 
  • AT&T Developer Summit - running at a separate venue, not officially connected with CES. 
  • The Pepcom "Digital Experience" in the evening, with ~175 exhibitors.
  • Qualcomm Keynote - with Dr. Paul E. Jacobs
  • Intel keynote - with CEO Paul Otellini
  • The last Microsoft Keynote - with Steve Ballmer. Microsoft has said they will not participate at CES in the future. 
  • Other companies on the agenda: Samsung, Panasonic, Marvell. Marvell is also providing processors for Google TV.
  • The "ShowStoppers" even, with ~120 exhibitors.
  • Myriad - developed "Alien Dalvik" to enable Android apps on non-Android devices.
  • Quantenna - 802.11ac GigaBit WiFi
  • MIPS - Digital Home and Wireless Power
  • Renesas - platform for LTE
  • WindRiver - tools for Android-based devices
  • Texas Instruments - DSP
  • Altair - baseband processors for LTE
  • ARM - processor cores for mobile devices
  • Broadcom - 802.11ac WiFi, other new developments.
  • Texas Instruments - Wireless
  • Mindspeed - just announced acquisition of PicoChip
  • Maxim - Audio, Handheld Power, Human Interface, RF Products, Connected Home.
  • Audiophile Day! If you are at all interested in audio equipment, you can't go to CES without checking out the suites in the Venetian with some very high-end equipment.
Look for posts, tweets, pictures, and perhaps some video reports here at the EE Daily News all throughout CES. 

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