Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Dilemma of Facebook

I'm very torn about Facebook. How much to share, and whom to share it with? The ongoing lack of respect for (and exploitation of) personal information exhibited by Zuckerberg & company is disgusting & worrisome. Seeing "The Social Network" last night did not make me feel any better about that.

But despite all that - it does provide tremendous value through day-to-day connections to people I call friends, that would not occur otherwise. More importantly, it has overcome barriers of distance & time, and enabled me to stay more connected to my children and to my brother... the few close blood relatives that I have left. 

On Monday we lost my brother.  Initially I was shocked & taken by surprise by how people immediately shared their feelings about that on Facebook. It is indeed a new paradigm for social interaction, one that merits deeper thought and consideration of what the etiquette should be for such situations. Friends immediately flocked to his page to express their sorrow, and I responded by setting up a separate page for that purpose. 

In the last 3 days, because of Facebook, I have been able to see how much people that I never knew cared for Frank, and the impact he had on their lives. For that I am truly grateful.

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