Monday, August 16, 2010

Oracle's patent infringement claims against Google

A search of the U.S. patent database finds that there are nearly 2000 patents related to Java. If you are interested in digging into the seven patents that Oracle has accused Google of infringing in Android here is the list:
  1. 6,125,447 Protection domains to provide security in a computer system
  2. 6,192,476 Controlling access to a resource
  3. 5,966,702 Method and apparatus for pre-processing and packaging class files
  4. 7,426,720 System and method for dynamic preloading of classes through memory space cloning of a master runtime system process
  5. RE38,104 Method and apparatus for resolving data references in generated code
  6. 6,910,205 Interpreting functions utilizing a hybrid of virtual and native machine instructions
  7. 6,061,520 Method and system for performing static initialization

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