Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pics from #CES : Mirasol e-reader, #Android netbook

Here are a few more pictures from last nights CES preview at "The Digital Experience":

I wrote about the Qualcomm Mirasol technology in my report from CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment Show. The latest announcement at CES is of a forthcoming Mirasol-based e-reader.  The device above is scheduled to ship in 2H of 2010. I also have a video to upload, showing the video capability of the Mirasol display.

This is an "experiment" between Qualcomm and HP, which employs the ARM-based SnapDragon processor in a netbook.  HP modified the Android operating system for the netbook application (not Google Chrome OS), and to accomodate the larger screen.In my discussion with the demonstrator, it was clear that this is just an experiment, so don't expect a product soon.


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