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Top 10 Articles in 2009 from The World Is Analog

I have just run Google Analytics for page views at The World Is Analog  over the last twelve months, and I'm pleased to see that the most popular articles in 2009 span the diverse range of topics I have covered here. Finding an audience is always a challenge for bloggers, so seeing that readers have been drawn to the variety of posts on very different topics is very gratifying. Thanks to all my readers. I'm hoping to see even more of you in 2010!

Next up... I expect to be very busy covering the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. I'll be there starting with the pre-show press events through the conclusion on Jan 10th.

Most Popular articles of 2009:

1.Broadband speeds, AT&T 3G vs. AT&T DSL
This article on SpeedTest results, comparing my iPhone to DSL at my home in San Jose, was by far the most popular article of 2009 - almost 2X the next most popular. Since I wrote this in June the subject of AT&T's strained 3G network has only increased in interest, and I expect that will continue in 2010 with the ongoing DROID wars and petitions to the FCC for more spectrum to relieve the problem. Meanwhile, Verizon will begin rolling out LTE in 2010, joining Sprint/Clearwire in next generation mobile broadband services.

2. Highlights from the Design Automation Conference, #46DAC - Day 1 

Highlights from the Design Automation Conference, #46DAC - Day 2
Highlights from the Design Automation Conference, #46DAC - Day 3
I grouped my series of reports from the 46th Design Automation Conference, which continue to be popular.  Excerpts recently were included on John Cooley's belated DEEPCHIP report.

3.Laser turntables for your vinyl LPs
It's not often enough that I have an opportunity to indulge my audiophile interests here. Topics of a broader interest, such as this article on using lasers to replace magnetic phono cartridges, are fun to write and result in a different audience drawn from internet search results. I'm hoping to have some time to pick up on this subject area more, with a visit to the high-end audio exhibits at CES.

As you can see, overall the DAC reports were most popular. This report covered details of the annual EDA CEO panel at DAC.

5.IEEE Mobile WiMAX Symposium – Part I
With the launch of Clearwire's mobile WiMax service picking up speed in 2009, the IEEE Mobile WiMAX Symposium provided a great opportunity to hear from some of the inventors of this technology that is first out of the gate leading the 3G-to-4G transition. This transition will accelerate even more in 2010, as LTE comes on the scene in the U.S. and Clearwire targets 120M pops by end of year.

6.Marvell's Plug Computer
The Santa Clara Valley IEEE Consumer Electronics Society gets my vote for best local IEEE chapter in 2009. There were interesting presentations every month; from this presentation of Marvell's technology for network attached storage, to 3D cinema technology, the Eye-Fi WiFi SD Card for your digital camera, Livescribe's smart pen, and more. Oh, they also win the award for best pizza! :-)

7.The Android Invasion: New Devices, Technology and Opportunities
Most of my work in 2009 focused on analysis of emerging technology in the wireless industry. Fresh from CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment in San Diego, and the parallel DROID campaign launched by Verizon Wireless in September, this article on the Google-led competition for Apple's iPhone was an introduction to the full report I have published at DIGDIA, which has been my most popular report of 2009.

8."Steal This Book" (21st century style) by Scribd
Being a commercially published author may sound somewhat glamorous, but anybody who has done it in the engineering/technology field would probably agree that it's really a tremendous amount of work for very little pay. You have to be very driven to complete an entire book, and don't even think about doing it for the money. With that said, it is especially aggravating to have your work stolen, and even more so when that theft has been facilitated by a widely publicized silicon valley startup. Shame on you Scribd!

9.#EDA and iPhone envy
Back on the EDA theme, this article covered a discussion of The International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), which was held in San Jose in early November. The topic was "What EDA Needs to Change for 2020 Success". I'm thinking that after the dismal 2009 and six quarters (at last count) of declining revenues, the EDA industry is much more occupied in just trying to figure out how to achieve success in 2010!  That is itself an open issue, and it will be interesting to see the changes that are sure to come about in the next year.

10.(repost) Get a PDF of my 3-Day #46DAC Report
Finally, the PDF of my 3-day DAC reports provided readers with an easier to navigate compilation of  the articles that occupied the #2 position in this year's ranking of blog posts. The PDF report included an embedded Flash audio of the iPDK panel discussions - one of the highlights of this year's DAC.

I wish everyone a happy, and more prosperous 2010!  Thanks for reading The World Is Analog.


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