Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Live from #CTIA! Is a Tweet stream sort of like "Lifecasting"?

Perhaps you've heard of the notion of "lifecasting"... basically recording one's life digitally, possibly for broadcasting on the internet. (Or.. perhaps just as an extreme example of self-indulgent obsessive behavior?)

In any case, that's not what I have in mind here. But I was wondering what it would look like to connect my stream of messages from a particularly busy day of tweeting activity. That is exactly what one would see if they were following my Twitter RSS feed. It's not a way I have ever looked at my tweets before, but perhaps the way some of my followers do.

Would a collection of micro-blogs from one event make up a coherent blog? Now that I compiled the list, I have to say emphatically NO. But, if nothing else, maybe this would be a good way for me to aggregate my notes to expand on later. Otherwise, there is way to much to remember.

Worst case, it's a completely random and incoherent stream of consciousness. I'll leave that up to you.
  • at the San Diego Convention Center for keynotes to start #CTIA Wireless. Should be interesting to hear what the @FCC chairman has to say
  • #ctia FCC chairman commends ATT for VOIP announcement
  • #ctia FCC chair mobile central to their mission. Wants to release more spectrum. Recognize diff fixed & mobile
  • #ctia FCC chairman uses iPhone star finder app
  • #ctia FCC chairman. #4G will make the difference. Notes Clearwire, Verizon
  • #ctia FCC mobile broadband agenda. 1st - release spectrum. It is a looming crisis
  • #ctia FCC chairman we will need "a lot" more spectrum
  • #ctia FCC chairman. Incentivize deployment of next gen technology
  • #ctia FCC chairman - must redeploy spectrum. "no easy pickings"
  • #ctia FCC to remove obstacles for #4G re: tower siting
  • #ctia FCC chairman - develop fair rules of the road for open mobile Internet. Remove uncertainty by codifying framework. Must be "sensible"
  • #ctia FCC chairman on differences fixed/mobile. Difficult questions to be discussed in "dynamic marketplace if ideas"
  • #ctia FCC chairman - on competition & innovation. Power of consumers comes from transparency that makes market work
  • #ctia FCC chairman: decisions will be fact-based on handset exclusivity and net neutrality

  • #ctia ATT CEO de la Vega now on stage.
  • #ctia Yahoo mobile does not believe mobile will take over desktop
  • #ctia Yahoo sees mobile as a fixed complement. Sees ecosystem coming together. Hmmm... Have they seen the fragmentation occurring in OS space?
  • #ctia Yahoo - simplistic view of what consumers want. "Stay connected, stay informed, to be able to discover"
  • #ctia Yahoo doing demo of mobile home page. Is this considered a major innovation?

  • #ctia waiting to be let on the floor for Samsung announcement. Held up due to keynote running late
  • #ctia Samsung-Sprint announcement for Android. Samsung 'moment'
  • #ctia Samsung Moment 3.2" OLED display
  • #ctia Samsung Moment. Slideout kybd, optical mouse, touchscreen, up to 32g expandable memory, Android
  • #ctia Samsung Moment. Available Nov-1 for $179.
  • RT #ctia Android shaking up wireless. Verizon, T-Mobile, now Samsung & Sprint. How about an Android Google WiMax phone? Sprint? Samsung?

  • #ctia now to ShowStoppers lunch to see "what's hot for the holidays"
  • #ctia Good 2 know RT @MobiMarketing: @MikeDemler #ctia Verizon, T-Mobile, Samsung & Sprint...Android Google WiMax phone? Sprint's already on it.

  • #ctia at Mobile Application Trends panel: ATT, MTV, Best Buy, PayPal
  • #ctia thinking about CTIA & ATT asking FCC for more spectrum b4 700MHz is redeployed. A diversion to cover VZW & ATT deficit vs Clearwire?
  • #ctia listening to panel on Social Networking - Entertainment or Essential?
  • #ctia Social Net panel: notion of consolidating address book doesn't work for me. Different contexts. Tweeps I follow not all friends.

That the end of the day at the show, but now there's the after show.

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