Tuesday, September 22, 2009

notes from #IDF09, Day 1 morning keynotes

Random notes from Paul Ottelini's Keynote (Tues 9/22/09):
  • Atom emphasis on SoCs - growth area for Intel. Porting to TSMC.
  • 30X reduction in leakage at 32nm from 45nm
  • Choice of +22% performance or reduce leakage 10X
  • 12 - 32nm SoCs in development
  • Showed Arrandale 32nm processor based laptop, with security built-in to hardware
  • "Poison pill" lets IT make PC completely unusable if stolen. Disables processor and HDD.
  • Netbooks now #1 volume seller CE over iPhone and Wii
  • Announced Atom Developer program; with 1st participants Dell, Asus, Acer
  • Adopting app store model for Atom developers
  • Start in netbooks, migrate down to handsets, up to mainframes
  • New growth area for Atom in-car infotainment: 17% CAGR
  • Harman International developing high-end Atom-based infotainment systems for BMW, Mercedes in 2012 models
  • Atom scaling for handhelds Moorestown to Medfield
  • Standby power reduced by 50X @32nm Moorestown

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