Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Highlights from ShowStoppers event at CTIA

Skype showed their VOIP app running on a variety of smart-phones. Couldn't figure out the human (female) billboard though. I mean... Yes it got attention, but What was that getup?

Slacker radio (slacker.com) provides "unlimited" free radio for mobile
phones. Competes with pandora app on iPhone?

GoTV (gotvnetworks.com) shows plugin for Facebook: share user media
(pics, vids, audio) from cell phone or PC.

Vanu (vanu.com) developed Software-Defined Radio (SDR) to enable multi-
standard configurability and multi-carrier sharing of basestations.

Alcatel-Lucent also showed a web-based app for personal media sharing
with members of your social network, merging your contact lists.

More on "rich media" sharing... Smith Micro showed software to enable
carriers to provide merged voice, chat, IM, SMS, file sharing, etc.
in a single integrated client.


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